Soft Scaping (plants, hedges, and trees)

Planting tree
Green leaves hedges
Hand holding small tree for planting.
Fresh green spring grass with dew drops

Planting, grading, mowing, fertilizing, trimming, and digging are all tasks that fall under the umbrella of softscaping. To put it another way, softscaping encompasses the majority of lawn maintenance and sodding & sod installation facilities. Building new lawns, planting plans, garden walls, flower beds, hedge planting (whips and mature hedging plants), and even vegetable gardens are all part of our soft landscaping programs. We can work directly in your garden based on your needs.

We'll suggest the right plants for your soil condition and how much upkeep they'll require. Climbers, shrubs, herbaceous plants, and flowers, as well as trees and hedges, are all familiar to our gentle landscaping professionals. You can trust that our planting schemes will complement and breathe new life into your garden style.

Lawn Creation

Plymouth Landscaping offers all types of lawn installation services, including grass installation, direct seeding, and hydro-seeding. Our specialist garden team will plan and level the field as required before laying turf or seeding. We will continue to provide grass care until the lawn or area of grass is developed – some consumers want to continue with daily lawn care, which we provide as part of our garden maintenance services.

We can handle the whole process, whether you want immediate results with turf laying or want to wait for a lawn to mature with direct seeding.

Planting schemes

We make stunning and one-of-a-kind borders and beds. Each planting scheme is meticulously designed to complement your garden. With careful preparation, you can build lovely borders and beds. The boundary architecture and plant selection will be discussed with you by our project manager. We will recommend the appropriate plants for the location based on the location and soil condition.

For any sort of garden, we will include all of the plants (perennials, grasses, trees, shrubs, and topiary). Each plant will be placed with care to yield beautiful results that compliment your layout's design and style.

Hedge and tree planting

Each hedge and tree species (including large and specimen trees) has been carefully chosen to complement its surroundings. We will assist you in selecting the right tree or hedge for your garden and then planting it in the proper location based on the layout and soil condition.

Beautify your property

Softscaping is a great way to complement the current hardscape. The addition of flower beds and shrubs to your walkways brings a beautiful touch to your home. Other than initial irrigation, perennials are a perfect way to bring color to your landscape and need little to no upkeep. A decent balance of hardscaping and softscaping gives the house or office a lovely look while still increasing curb appeal and land value.

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